Kathy’s Story

In March 2017, Kathy learned she had breast cancer. She refused to let cancer define her life, instead opting to live with her trademark vibrancy and contagious enthusiasm. Family, friends, and medical professionals marveled at her upbeat attitude and remarkable spirit. Just as Kathy had before her diagnosis, she lived fully, believing there was no better way to live, but to Be All In. All the Time.

Her family now continues that legacy; honoring her indomitable and generous spirit through the KBB Foundation.

Thanks to your generosity, we have contributed over $80,000 to 6 established non-profits in our first 4 years. We appreciate your help as we work to keep Kathy’s radiant light alive through the KBB Foundation and inspiring hope for those members of our community that most need our assistance, love and support.

Kathy Boozer Boone as a child

For Kathy, living meant that every day and every opportunity would receive the full force of her personality. A new day meant a chance to achieve more at work, cheer louder at a game, and laugh harder at home. There was never enough time to do everything, yet always enough time to strengthen the bonds that define a devoted friend, colleague, sister, daughter, wife, and mother.

Nancy and Dale Boozer welcomed Kathy to the world on January 29, 1973. Her willingness to follow the rules stood in stark contrast to the keen sense of self-direction that fueled Kathy’s decidedly independent spirit. Not surprisingly, Kathy was a tomboy intent on keeping up with brothers Billy and Robert in all things athletic. She was a jock (her words) who excelled in tennis, basketball and cheerleading while at Hammond Academy in Columbia.

Academically, Kathy effortlessly produced near-perfect grades throughout high school, despite maintaining a social lifestyle that could best be described as robust. Kathy would ultimately graduate as the valedictorian of her class at Hammond. She entered Washington & Lee University after high school and played basketball during her first two years before deciding the rigors of college athletics too often infringed on her social life. Although she juggled an enormously active social life as a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Kathy graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Business Administration.

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Despite her steadfast belief in W&L’s academic superiority, Kathy loved Clemson University, or more specifically, Clemson football. As a young girl, she hand-painted her first game-day dress with a tiger’s face. Her childhood bedroom was papered with national championship wallpaper. She would patiently, but excitedly wait for hours for her grandfather to pick her up at the end of her driveway, suitcase in hand, literally bouncing with anticipation at the thought of watching her beloved Tigers play. She would rule the tailgate (which she generally planned), grin as she berated any opposing fans within earshot (her husband, Brian, dealt with any fallout) and spend four hours inside the stadium expending twice the amount of energy of any player on the field. And regardless of score or opponent, she would never, ever leave a game early. Kathy LOVED Clemson.

Following college, Kathy pursued a career in corporate and investment banking with her signature zeal, ultimately enjoying a successful 23-year career spanning positions with SunTrust Bank in Atlanta and Orlando, First Citizens Bank in Charlotte, and her most recent role as Senior Vice President, Regional Commercial Banking at South State Bank in Charlotte. Banking perfectly suited two of Kathy’s greatest strengths: An exceptional mind for numbers and a disposition that genuinely delighted in connecting with others. Regardless of gender, race, or religion, she never met a client or potential client with whom she couldn’t relate, nor did she encounter an accountant or CFO with whom she couldn’t go toe-to-toe on the bottom line. Kathy proved to be the rare case in which a person’s personality was perfectly suited for their chosen career.

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kbb foundation family footbal

Brian and Kathy first met in an Atlanta bar in 2003. A whirlwind romance ensued and a short year later, they wed. For the following 15 years, Brian and Kathy complimented each other in ways far too many to count. They later welcomed two daughters, Lindsey and Lillie, and not surprisingly, Kathy became the epitome of the Cool Mom: Pure energy and a seize-the-day attitude that was as infectious as it was educational.

In typical fashion, Kathy pursued her passion for helping others with her trademark vigor, serving on the boards for her alma-mater’s alumni committee as well as two Charlotte-based charities: Baby Bundles and the ECHO Foundation. She endeavored to help others become the best versions of themselves, convinced that in doing so, the cycle of poverty in the Charlotte-area could be broken.

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Kathy’s Legacy

When Kathy passed away in May 2018, she left a large void, but one that her family and friends now strive to honor. Through the KBB Foundation, we hope to “put a tiger in the tank” — a phrase once used to describe Kathy’s life force — of 3 to 5 different Charlotte and Clemson area charities each year. The foundation’s support will help these hand-selected organizations accomplish their underlying mission: to break the cycle of poverty so that the underserved in our community can become the best versions of themselves — a mission Kathy’s spirit and the KBB Foundation will relentlessly pursue with her trademark passion.

The KBB Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

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